In today’s unregulated world of CBD, there is little known about shelf life, cannabinoid degradation, efficacy, true test results, ingredients, and other factors related to consistent CBD manufacturing. In an environment like this, E5 is leading the way in studying the unknowns while also creating the finest products available on the market today.

Certifications and ingredients aside, the true power is consistent CBD manufacturing. If a person uses CBD to treat their chronic pain, they expect the same results each time they purchase a bottle from you. Consistent CBD manufacturing will set your brand apart from the others because your customers can trust the product you are giving them.

Lab worker with blue gloves provides consistent CBD manufacturing with lab tools
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash

E5 utilizes our proprietary homogenization processes along with the finest made in-house broad spectrum distillate to micro-batch and formulate products to order. By removing all intermediaries from the supply chain, E5 is able to deliver a consistent CBD manufacturing process and ultimately, trust with your customer by offering the same product with the same results every time. Our pharmaceutical-grade standard operating procedures and modern business practices set us apart from other CBD manufacturers in the industry.

While this shouldn’t be a differentiator, in this environment, it is. When strict processes are in place to control quality, consistency, and customer experience, E5 is able to build production schedules that run on time and yield oil batch consistency. Our tight procedures and regulations prevent problems that commonly plague the CBD industry today.

Person holding a magnifying glass to ensure consistent CBD manufacturing

When looking for the best manufacturer for your CBD products, make sure you are partnering with a company capable of delivering consistent CBD manufacturing processes over the long term.

Coca-Cola is timeless because of its consistency in every area it is found. It has been providing the world a familiar product for over a century, earning the right to have its dedicated consumer-base. When people open a Coke, they know what they are getting.

Be consistent. Be confident in the product your brand will put out. Choose your CBD manufacturer wisely and create a lifetime of grateful customers.