Why E5

E5 Chem focuses on research and development, leading to the innovation and disruption of current supply chain and CPG processes. Our goal is to partner with our clients long term and create a beneficial and viable relationship. We want to analyze your target market’s voice and gain customer viability through calculated steps. We are continuously looking at our methods from an analytical standpoint to ensure the production of top-quality products, seamless procedures, and ultimately, repeat customers for your brand. 

All of our extracts are third-party tested for cannabinoids, solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals. Our lab works with state-of-the-art extraction, distillation, and refining equipment all while using safe standard operating procedures in order to produce top-shelf products. Extracting the biomass in the same facility where it is bottled gives us better control over the final result and allows your customer base access to the freshest product. By extracting and bottling all under one roof, we are also able to get your product to the shelf much quicker than other botanical and CBD products extracted and bottled separately. E5 has an exclusive development for formulation that makes room for your brand to carry a trademarked and patented product.

E5 Chem strives to wholly represent these 5 "E words":

Excellent - of the finest or highest quality; superior; splendid.

Excellence is not only required of the final product, but of the steps it takes to reach that final place. Excellence is needed in every aspect of business. Excellence is a virtue in customer service, educating consumers and clients, developing relationships, the phases of product development, and more. E5 aims to be excellent in every space we are a part of.

Ethical - morally approvable; conforming to accepted standards of social behavior.

Without following a code of ethics, there is no standard to be held to. E5 follows all legal codes of ethics put in place for businesses of our kind. We as individuals also stand by our own personal values and ensure they extend to our work,

Enduring - durable; lasting; continuing.

Like other industries, there are high and low seasons in the consumer packaged goods industry. Your brand deserves a partner that knows how to ride the wave and help you navigate the potential low seasons. Enduring the valleys makes for a stronger brand, and our CPG experience can help you do that should you find yourself in a low season. 

Effectual - producing a desired or intended effect or result; operative; decisive; true.

The path to a successful product does not come by way of guessing the steps it takes to get there. At E5, we follow a proven path to reach the goal we set out to do.

Experienced - skilled or knowledgeable in a subject

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “By seeking and blundering we learn.” In other words, making mistakes is a crucial part of learning to do things right. As experts in the CPG industry, we have made our fair share of mistakes. Those mistakes, however, propelled us forward, taught us valuable lessons, and manifested into decades of quality experience. We are confident our experience will help your brand achieve its goals, no matter what they may be. 

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